Your research requires glycosylation characterization … Precise structural info is needed to guide your decisions … Our technologies should provide you with the right tools … We are here to give you a helping hand …

Raising the bar for glycoconjugates analysis™

Glycan Connections, LLC is specialized in structural analysis of glycoconjugates. Many years of combined experience has provided us with a deep appreciation for the natural complexity of glycoconjugate structure, and the consequent wide array of analytical methods appropriate at various stages of investigation.

With these insights in mind, we offer a variety of glycosylation analytical services in support of research and development activities, ranging from N- and O-linked glycan profiling to de novo structural elucidation. Mass spectrometry (MS) is the key technology we access for its ability to provide fundamental and unambiguous insight, as well as the needed flexibility and sensitivity.

We are looking for partners seeking MS-based solutions for their glycoconjugate analytical needs ranging from CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, and controls) data for new drug applications to fundamental structural biology questions impacting human health.